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If other people depend on you for financial support, whether or not you own expensive assets, estate planning is an important concept to consider. However, estate plans are not just for the wealthy as many people have bank accounts, a home, or other property that should pass according to your wishes. Having a solid estate plan ensures your loved ones will have the resources they need and that assets are distributed according to your wishes. It also gives you peace of mind by allowing you to enjoy life without unnecessary worry.

If you are planning to create a new estate plan or modify an existing one, you need to consult an experienced Houston Estate Planning Attorney.

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About Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process designed to prepare your assets for transfer after your death. Estate planning is also used to make arrangements for minor children or other dependents. Some of the most common estate planning tools include:


A trust is a legal entity that takes possession of your property while you are alive and transfers it to specific individuals in life or after your death. Trusts are either revocable or irrevocable. While you can change the terms of a revocable trust easily, an irrevocable trust is very difficult to change once established.


A will determines what happens to your property after your death. It can also be used to name an individual who will oversee the administration of your estate. A Will is the most common and essential estate planning device for many families. Having a well-drafted will, now, will save your family money and needless heartache after your passing. Without a will defining which family members and loved ones shall receive a part of your estate, undesirable individuals may receive part or all of your estate while deserving individuals receive little or nothing.

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal arrangement allowing another individual to make important financial or medical decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so.

Depending on the circumstances, you may need multiple tools to accomplish your goals. An experienced estate planning attorney like Dillon B. Norton can help determine which ones are right for you.

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If you are in need of estate planning services in Houston, surrounding counties, and beyond in Texas, you need assistance from an experienced attorney. At D. B. Norton, PLLC, we understand Texas estate laws and can help you create an estate plan to help accomplish your goals. We can also help modify this estate plan as your needs change.

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